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Thermodynamic properties of water and steam.

Enter one or more parameters:

Pressure: p= bar Temperature: T= °C
Enthalpy: h= kJ/kg Entropy: s= kJ/(kg·°K)
Density: ρ= kg/m³ Vapour fraction: x=

p=0 bar ➔ T=0 °C ➔ phase: Undefined
Name ... Value Unit
Specific volume
Specific entropy
Specific internal energy
Specific isobaric heat capacity
Specific isochoric heat capacity
Speed of sound
Dynamic Viscosity
Viscosity is not part of IAPWS Steam IF97. Equations from "Revised Release on the IAPWS Formulation 1985 for the Viscosity of Ordinary Water Substance", 2003 are used.
Viscosity in the mixed region (4) is interpolated according to the density. This is not true since it will be two fases.
Prandtl , Calcualted as Cp*μ/Тc
Thermal Conductivity
Revised release on the IAPS Formulation 1985 for the Thermal Conductivity of ordinary water substance (IAPWS 1998)
Surface Tension
IAPWS Release on Surface Tension of Ordinary Water Substance, September 1994
Vapour fraction
Vapour Volume Fraction
Observe that vapour volume fraction is very sensitive. Vapour volume is about 1000 times greater than liquid volume and therfore vapour volume fraction gets close to the accurancy of steam IF-97